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Peripheral Artery Disease, PAD, usually affects the arteries in the legs and can cause pain, numbness and even infection. Although PAD is very serious, it is treatable and can be prevented by controlling your risk factors such as being physically active, maintaining a healthy weight and not smoking. Use this tool to determine other indicators and help assess your risk of developing PAD.

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What is Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)?

PAD is the most common type of peripheral vascular disease and is similar to coronary artery disease because it occurs as a result of plaque buildup. PAD is often a sign of cardiovascular disease. It occurs as a result of plaque buildup that causes veins or arteries outside of the heart and brain to narrow, most commonly in the legs but also in the arms and abdomen. If the plaque deposits are severe enough, they can block blood flow and result in tissue death.

Symptoms of PAD can include painful cramping, numbness and/or discoloration of the legs or feet. In serious cases or when left untreated, PAD can lead to tissue death and/or amputation. PAD can increase the risk of coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke and mini-strokes.

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Are You At Risk for PAD?

PAD is a serious condition that affects millions of Americans – often without their knowledge – and can occur as a result of a narrowing of the blood vessels outside of the heart. 

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